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Kuwaiti customers come to visit our company

Kuwait customers visit our company, our company produced the British standard soft resilient gate valves and ductile iron covers. The client are interested in bring our products to the market of Kuwait ; the main Ministry of Water and Water Projects of the ministry of water, the company produced British standard Soft resilient valve DN80 to DN1200, the company own casting line, all the valve produced with reliable quality. Guests visited the company's automatic casting line, cleaning line, machining workshop, spraying workshop and assembly workshop, in the production workshop always standing, asked in detail the technician, engineers, workers and other operating norms, technical requirements. And visited the company's quality control laboratories, the company's strict control of the quality expressed great satisfaction.

And then in the factory conference room for business negotiations, the guests introduced the local market situation, and together to explore the next step, and make detailed arrangements.